4 week Business Clinic online


Understand your finances & improve your profitability


What is the 4 week Business Clinic?

This 4 week long Business Clinic aims to help busy executives and decision makers understand the important correlations between various parts of the business, laying the foundation for improved efficiencies, processes and bottom line results. The Business Clinic is made up of 4 unique and interactive sessions that are delivered online, in-person.

Topics of the 4 weeks Business Clinic

  • Know the who, what & where of your information
  • How to read your Profit & Loss
  • Why the Balance Sheet is so important to you
  • Things to think about regarding your Cashflow
  • What to measure? Key Performance Indicators

What’s in it for you?

  • Eliminate or Reduce Waste / Rework
  • Improved & prompt decision making
  • Measure Output – Ratios & Dashboards
  • Improve communications & efficient meetings
  • Increase employee morale

Information Management

Key Data Storage & Collection


  • Finance & Accounting System
  • Enterprise Resource System / Inventory Control
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Transaction Process
  • Time Management System
  • Human Resource System
  • Footfall Counters
  • Bank
  • Excel / Local Databases

Management Accounts

P&L and Balance Sheet explained



Cashflow statement & things to consider


  • Complete Cash Projections on a regular basis
  • Ensure your Bank Reconciliation is up to date
  • Analyse Working Capital Requirements, e.g., Stock, Receivables & Payables
  • Increase creditor days outstanding & reduce debtors’ days outstanding
  • Review all Banking Facilities
  • Undertake scenario, What-if analysis, delay any Cap-Ex Projects
  • Identify payments which can be stalled
  • Assess external funding supports available

Dashboard Analysis

4 Categories of Key Performance Indicators


Financial KPIs

Customer KPIs

Employer KPIs

Operational KPIs

Technical details

  • Bookings:  €80 for all four sessions/person
  • Group size: max. 10 people/session
  • Payment: via PayPal


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