LIFT Award nomination – Positive Attitude

LIFT Award nomination – Positive Attitude

I am proud and humbled to be nominated for the LIFT Award in the Positive Attitude category.

Mary is the ultimate in positivity. Jobs which others have said can’t be done she gets done and ahead of time. She set up her own business a month before covid lockdown. This was her first step on her own after 25 years working in finance in many different organisations and industries. The lockdown did not stop her. She developed her business online. She helped many businesses in a real way with her plain talking and excellent experience. She also gave many training courses. Mary is a positive connector of people. She has for a long time actively sought out ways to develop and improve herself. She has actively contributed to these groups and made connections along the way with her positive attitude. She has recommended many people for jobs having previously connected with them and they have all worked out well. Prior to leaving her last job she had recommended her replacement who went on to get the job. The companies she has worked for in the last 2 1/2 years would all have great praise for her work and how unique she is. She simplifies the financial side of their business and implements practical improvements in business processes and systems. She would be a worthy winner of this award and has just published her first book to allow access to more people and business owners to her knowledge and experience.”

Super excited about the awards, keep an eye out for this in the coming weeks! 🙂

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