Testimonials for finance and business consulting services

With expertise in large, medium, and small operations, Mary has an amazing breadth of financial and operational knowledge. She is excellent to work with, providing support where needed and clear guidance when requested. From heavy industrial machining processes to more subtle time-intensive processes, her experience can add fiscal direction to firms of any size or complexity. - Rob Moore Ede, Senior Manager - Global Property Taxes at Magna International

Mary is one of the best professionals I’ve worked with. She is intelligent, hardworking and forward thinking. Her maturity and in-depth knowledge of their business made the project highly successful. As the Project Manager/Sponsor she knew exactly what was required and how they needed to be phased out to achieve the project goals. I’m sure she will apply the same professionalism, commitment and maturity in all her endeavors. It was my pleasure working with her on their project. Wishing her all the very best!! - Simaak Hameed, Snr. Dynamics NAV Consultant at 360 Visibility

Mary worked with me in INVESCO Asset Management for a number of years and her professionalism, dedication and allround performance was top quality. Mary works really well within a team environment and can also manage a team to achieve their goals. I would highly recommend her to any employer. - Andy Barry, Head of Traditional Fund Services Operations at JP Morgan

Mary came into an incredible mess. She took it on and solved the problem. Her real strengths are her skills to sort things out & the inclusion of people involved. She was superb, very easy to work well with. She continuously gave us an update. Mary could get her head around the various product lines very easily, which is a huge asset. She was instrumental in getting our inventory system bar-coded. She was also part of our recruitment drive to hire an operations manager to get our company onto the next level. I always felt we were on the same wave-length. She solved problems before they became problems. Her ability to juggle all the balls in the air and do a really good job is incredible! Mary also helped us get together a business plan for funding from the Irish Tourist Board. She has a lot more than accounting to offer. She is like a ’sponge’ on getting information. - Rachel Doyle - Founder of Arboretum Garden & Lifestyle Centres, Leighlinbridge, Carlow & Kilquade.

I am very grateful for my LEO mentor. Mary Hayden really applied herself to understanding the different strands of my business and skill set and helped me adjust my business plan, network effectively and look at new income streams. She is so good at business systems and organization that she inspired confidence to actively build the business and diversify rather than just cope with what was left after the lock down. What a valuable skill. Mary in particular made the difference between it being a time of crisis and instead it being a time of hard but creative work, set to key milestones and incredibly helpful feedback of each productive session. - Frances Micklem - Founder of Green Business Consultancy T/A Healing by Franc
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